Cookies Policy

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are automated tools (small text file) stored by our website in your computer, telephone or any other device, which contain information about your browsing history. We may collect information about your use of our website. Cookies are required for an easier and more user-friendly browsing and are not harmful for your computer.

Although this Policy refers to the generic name of Cookie, as it is the main method used by this website to store information, it also uses the “local storage” of the browser for the same purposes as the Cookies. In this respect, all the information contained in this section is also applicable to this “local storage”.

We use Cookies to optimize your shopping experience and the functionalities of the website. When you visit, our web server will send a Cookie to your computer that recognizes the device to activate a variety of functionalities.

Cookies ensure the basic functionality of the website. Certain Cookies support the essential features of the website, such as adding the selected products to your cart while you continue to browse different pages of the website.

Cookies help improve the services of the website:

They collect information (including the IP address) to observe how the website is used, so we can make improvements to the website browsing. We use this information as follows:

  • To build aggregate and anonymous statistics about the usage of the website
  • To observe the efficiency of our ads and the source website through which you accessed our website;
  • To identify errors
  • To provide access to additional services or to restore your shopping list if you want to go back.

Why do we use cookies?

To remember your choices:

  • Logging in
  • Settings of the browser and plug-ins
  • Storing user information on our website.

How will they help you?

By saving your settings, we can understand which device you use. This way we can adjust our website to offer you the best user experience. To optimize your experience, Cookies collect data about your browsing on our website. Please note that the data we collect is statistical and not personal.

We shall not associate the collected data on this website with any other type of personal identification data from any source. We shall store the above data only for as long as it is necessary for your use of our website.

What are the Cookies specific to this website and what are they used for?

1. Cookies for identification and authentication

These Cookies are used to identify the user during the session, so he/she does not have to repeat the authentication process on the website, and certain processes are accelerated.

User identification

They are used to identify and authenticate the user. They also contain technical data about the user’s session, such as, for example, disconnections, session identifier, etc.

HTTP session

They identify the user’s http session.

2. Browsing Cookies

They are used in the browsing session of the user, “remembering” the choices selected, the pages already visited on the website, etc.

Shopping cart

Stores information about the shopping cart during the purchase process: date and time the Cookies were last processed, the store identifier and a list of identifiers for the articles and amounts the user wishes to add to the shopping cart when placing an order.

3. Cookies for browsing analysis

These Cookies obtain general information about the visits of the user on the website (not about their content) and this compiled information will be subsequently used when creating statistics.

Google Analytics (third party Cookies)

This type of Cookie allows Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, to monitor our website and obtain information about the accessing of our website by users. Some of the data saved for subsequent analysis are: how many times the user visits the website, the date of the first and last visit of the user, length of the visits, from which page the user visited the website, what search engine the user used to reach the website or on which link he/she clicked, from where in the world the user accessed the website, etc. Configuring these Cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google and that is why we suggest that you consult the Google Analytics privacy page,, to obtain more information about the Cookies it uses and how to disable them.

How to avoid Cookies?

You can restrict Cookies by changing your browser setting, but these restrictions can alter your user experience and website functionality.

Please read the “Help” section of your browser on how to proceed.
To learn more about Cookies, including how to view their settings and how to manage and delete them, please visit

Please note that if you delete or block the Cookies on our website, some sections may not function properly.