La Castel Event Halls

We offer you 6 elegant event halls and a conference center, all of which meet your requirements in order to organize a glamorous event.

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We have the ideal halls to fulfill the important events of your life in the most elegant way possible

Castel Ballroom

Tower Terrace

Royal Hall


Columns Hall

Venetian Hall


Do you wish that important moment in your life to be a glamorous party? Castel Ballroom is the perfect venue for this. Your event will be embraced by elegant notes given by the exceptionally flawless design, up to the smallest detail. 

  • Suitable for large events
  • Capacity: 250-500 seats

  • Suitable for medium and large events
  • Capacity: 150-250 seats


Tower Terrace is an event hall with a refined design, being a distinguished venue for capturing the special moments in your life.

The large windows offer a great view to nature, so you can enjoy a remarkable setting, complemented by an unforgettable view of La Castel’s summer garden.


A hall really suited for celebrating your story. The interior design elements suggest the refined ambiance that you can find in the royal halls of the past. The hall will always be arranged according to your precious wishes, so that you can enjoy a perfect event as you dreamed it!

  • Suitable for medium-sized events
  • Capacity: 100-150 seats

  • Suitable for small and medium events
  • Capacity: 40-70 seats


In a glamorous and sophisticated ambiance, La Castel Restaurant awaits you with dishes that satisfy the highest taste requirements of our guests.

The passion and high standards of the restaurant can be seen in the stylish decorations, flawless services and a wonderful ambiance that contributes to creating the perfect setting for a successful party.


As soon as you step into this hall, you will be fascinated by an ambiance of subtle elegance, given by the structural columns and by the fine design elements. The hall is perfect for corporate events and also for events much closer to your soul.

  • Suitable for small events
  • Capacity: 30-50 seats

  • Suitable for small events
  • Capacity: 30-50 seats


The bright and cozy space of this hall is perfect for small events, where the subtle elegance and cheerfulness prevail.

Extensive Experience in Organizing Weddings

The wedding day is surely one of most romantic event in a couple’s life. The flowers, wedding dress and setting evoke a certain magic. Our wedding vendors will help you plan a wedding to be remembered for years to come.